I was checking out the Freshly Pressed blogs today, when I came upon one that rather sparked my interest in a big way. The blog post was titled “Some People Don’t Have to Search for Their Inner Child“, and was started by blogger Simon from sweetandweak. My interest was peaked. I am a long-standing-child-at-heart, and I have to tell you, this blog really hit it home for me. Now I may only be 23, but I feel much older sometimes. Maybe that’s why I hold onto so many of my childhood toys and watch TV shows that are meant for 9-year-olds or younger. What can I say? They were good shows!

The funny thing is, I started off my day with the idea to post about my favorite childhood TV shows before I even saw this blog post. Strange coincidences just keep popping up lately. Like when I brought home this light-up penguin that I saved from Target when I worked there, and my mom suggested I name it Herbert, WHICH WAS THE FIRST NAME THAT I HAD THOUGHT OF BUT NOT TOLD HER. Mothers…. it’s like they’re creepily psychic.

Alright, let’s get this post started!

I was a bookworm as a child, but I was equally a TV junkie as well. I would watch my cartoon shows for 6 hours every Saturday morning, and then I would read for the rest of the afternoon. Or play with my dinosaur figures. Either one. Maybe both. But there are a few shows that I loved in particular. Well here’s a countdown of my Top Ten favorite TV shows from when I was a kid! I hope that many of you will remember these as well as I do. πŸ˜‰

#10 – Captain Planet


Laugh all you want. That show rocked. I even had the plastic “Heart” ring that you used to get in cereal boxes, and YES, I would go around saying the “Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Heart!” or whatever the heck it was. I don’t remember, because it’s been awhile since my Captain Planet days. Ah, the memories.

#9 – Looney Tunes


You’d have to not have a soul to hate the Looney Tunes. Who didn’t watch Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, or Sylvester as a kid? I mean… this show started in 1930? Around there? And it’s still going on today! Except it’s now the crappy version where the animation looks like something made on Adobe Flash. Fail.

#8 – Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat


I watched this show until I was probably 14, cause it was just so CUTE. I don’t remember any particular episode, but I remember loving learning about Chinese culture, stories and legends. Plus, I love cats. No brainer.

#7 – Scooby Doo, Where Are You!


THE ORIGINAL ONE. Not the piece of crap series that is going today. The original character designs, original voices, you know… the good stuff. I used to have a couple episodes on VHS somewhere, but I think it must have worn out along with my VHS of “Cinderella”. I love this series because it’s all hand-drawn awesomeness, as cartoons should be. There’s way too much CGI going on with cartoons now, to the point where they’re not cartoons anymore! I like my cartoons smudged and pencil-drawn, with old-style inking, and lots of film grain. You can keep your pristine CGI-coated brand new cartoons.

#6 – Sonic the Hedgehog


Bet you thought it was just a Sega game, didn’t you? Nope! There was an animated series! Sonic and Tails were always battling some weird-looking dude named Dr. Robotnik, and Knuckles was a total badass. Too bad they didn’t get Shadow the Hedgehog his own show. Or maybe they did…

#5 – Bonkers


I remember my dad nicknaming my brother “Baby Bonkers” when my mom was pregnant with him. I watched this show so much, my dad could tell you all about it, and he didn’t even watch it! See, before I saw the Roger Rabbit movie, there was this series. It’s probably why I liked it so much, because it reminded me of this show.

#4 – Aladdin: The TV Series


This happens to be a picture of one of the main villains of the series, Mirage. She was a favorite villain of mine, second only to Mozenrath. It’s hard to think of a favorite episode, but the series wasn’t on TV for that long, so I’d recommend them all! You could probably buy the complete series for pretty cheap on Amazon.

#3 – Histeria


Not only was this show educational, it was damned hilarious. Big Fat Baby had me busting seams laughing so hard! This show helped kids learn history in the best way: through humor. I will always remember my favorite bit in the show… the Edgar Allan Poe skit. Leif Ericson was getting angry at Poe’s raven, which was perched on Poe’s shoulder, because it wouldn’t stop saying “Nevermore! Nevermore!” So Leif was like, “If you say that one more time, you’ll be sorry…” and the raven nervously says: “Never…more?? gRaww??” Cartoon violence and hilarity ensues. *snicker*

#2 – Pinky and the Brain


“They’re Pinky and the Brain, they’re Pinky and the Brain… one is a genius! The other’s insane!”

If you haven’t watched this show, FIND IT. BUY IT. WATCH IT. You’ve heard of better-than-sex cake? Next time you have a romantic evening planned, drop the sex. Watch this show. You’ll thank me later.

#1 – Batman: The Animated Series


There is nothing more awesome than this series. NOTHING. Batman is the end-all, be-all of my existence. You guys have no idea how much I love Batman. I FRICKING LOVE BATMAN. I live, eat and breathe Batman.

….that sounds kind of disturbing. But anyways! This is the series that I couldn’t miss on Saturday mornings, no matter what. I continued watching it religiously until the day they aired the last episode. My birthday wish right now (my birthday’s in July) is to have The Complete Animated Series. I effing love Batman, you guys. Dammit, I want this series on DVD!

I love Batman so much, I dressed up as Batman for Halloween and went to work in the costume!

Not Batgirl, not Batwoman…. BATMAN. Here’s the proof:


But I should probably wrap this up.

If you guys have any favorite TV shows that should have some honorable mentions, please comment and tell me! I want to hear what your favorite TV shows were! I look forward to hearing from everyone. πŸ™‚

Lotsa love,